Agrigenic Foods

Ada & Chloe

Breed: Golden Retrievers
Problems: Itchy skin - Pulling hair out - Open sores

January 18, 2000

As you know, both of my dogs Ada and Chloe have been on your product Pet Wafers for about three months. I am happy to report that their skin disorders began to disappear after only two weeks on the product.

Before the use of Pet Wafers, they would constantly lick and pull their hair out and create open sores in different spots on their bodies. Our vet said they were having allergic reactions to the environment (e.g. toxins, grass, weeds, blooming plants, etc.) Now, after using Pet Wafers, we are impressed with its abilities to cleanse these types of toxins from their bodies.

Originally, the vet had them on 70 mg of Atarax twice a day for their itching. I have taken both of them off the medication and just give them one Pet Wafer a day. I just shake the Pet Wafer bottle and both dogs come running for their daily treat.

Since using Pet Wafers my dogs skin conditions have cleared up and there have been NO new sores in three months. Pet Wafers will be part of their daily routine for the rest of their lives. Thank you for introducing me to this great product. At the very least it has made my dogs more comfortable and they have a better quality of life.

- S. Haas - Cerritos, CA