Agrigenic Foods

Airedale Terriers

Breed: Airedale Terriers
Age: Male 8 1/2 yr. Female 11 yr.
Problems: Dysplasia

I want tell you of my experience using Biovet's "Dismutase." Please understand that I gain no financial profit from Agrigenic. I simply think that they produce a quality product with substantial benefits. We have two Airedale Terriers: - Sandy; (a 11 year-old bitch) George; (8 1/2 year old male; champion, owner bred-groomer-handled).

About 6 years ago, Sandy developed a very noticeable limp that got progressively worse. X-rays revealed hip dysphasia. I took Sandy and her x-rays to a veterinary specialist who said the hip dysphasia was so severe that she would need a hip replacement soon. My preference is to explore all alternatives (as fast as possible) before any surgery.

As a breeder, I had received some information from Biovet. The packet included decent scientific information concerning the chemistry of antioxidants and a pamphlet that included testimonials from various veterinarians. They claimed to have significant success in treating/reversing hip dysplasia through use of their product. The product was made from sprouts designed to provide the maximum amount of enzymes. Despite my skepticism, I decided to send for the product.

After one week, Sandy no longer limped. And she has not limped since then. She has been on your antioxidant enzymes every day since 1990. (I also give the product to George. The only clinical sign of dysplasia is that she gets up from the ground (or the sofa) a little slowly.

X-rays since that time (for other reasons than hip dysphasia) show that she has arthritis. But it does not slow her down, nor does she exhibit any signs of pain. She walks strongly, with no limp, and is ever-ready to pursue a squirrel or run to me for a treat.

I know that testimonial evidence fails strict scientific testing criteria. And I appreciate that the scientific community is hesitant to endorse products on the basis of testimonials. However, the dearth of research does not invalidate the effectiveness of the product. I, too, am skeptical of untested claims. I know that some people are helped medically even when the placebo effect is at work. However, you cannot "bullshit" a dog, to put it in plain language!

I share my experience with you in the hope that it will sometime and somehow be of benefit to other dogs and their owners.

- Elizabeth Mug-Morrill, Fort Myers, FL.