Agrigenic Foods

Arabian Mare

Breed: Arabian Mare
Age: 3-year.
Problems: Inflammation

We used Biovet's antioxidant granules on a 3-year old Arabian Mare and were amazed with the results. The complete and speedy recovery of the indications were previously only accomplished by the use of steroids. We observed the following improvements:

The Mare's fetlock was swollen so severely, I was afraid it was broken. Your enzyme granules was the only treatment given, and in a matter of three days the pain and inflammation had subsided! In addition, there was a severe laceration on her croup which I felt required suturing, but this particular Mare is extremely "needle shy". I consulted with Dr. David Randall who recommended we continue administering the granules. By the 8th day the wound was completely healed! Four weeks later, there were no visible signs that any injury had occurred.

Biovet's antioxidant granular formula promises to be a profitable addition to the equine industry. It seems these antioxidant enzymes can be a major tool for the large animal industry in the cure and prevention of a wide range of indications.

- Anita Martindale, Owner/Lely Stable