Agrigenic Foods

Antioxidant Enzymes and your Health

While the nutritional balance needed to maintain healthy cells has remained much the same for thousands of years, man's foods have changed greatly. Food processing has lessened many vital elements available in commonly consumed foods. One class of elements eliminated almost entirely through food processing is enzymes. Vital elements that act as biological catalysts, particularly antioxidant enzymes, are crucial for the proper functioning of every cell in our body.

Antioxidant enzyme deficiencies have been documented in hundreds of published medical research studies. Although produced in our bodies, deficiencies can occur due to poor nutrition and the excess stresses of aging, pollution, surgery, radiation, overexertion, and illness.


Clinical and double blind studies have demonstrated the complete safety and effectiveness of Biomed products in providing the nutritional tools necessary to maintain proper antioxidant enzyme levels. BIOMED live enzyme foods enhance and develop the natural health and beauty inherent in everyone. When this natural radiance is nurtured and allowed to blossom, the result is a happy blend of relaxation, vitality and overall well-being. Thanks to advanced food genetics, you now can have the energy to do effortlessly the things you've always dreamed of.

Our body cells constantly produce enzymes to protect us from cell damaging substances called free radicals. Excess free radicals come from environmental pollutants, radiation, illness, excess sun, overexertion, poor nutrition, aging and even emotional stress. All of these factors create a condition in which our body's production of enzymes is less than our needs. The result of this enzyme deficiency is cellular damage often seen as inflammation and pain.

This cellular damage can be prevented if the proper enzyme complexes are present in amounts large enough to overcome the amount of free radicals. Stresses in today's environment, lifestyles, poor nutrition and aging itself challenge our body's ability to meet our enzyme needs. In providing the necessary enzyme complexes, Biomed's products are a major nutritional breakthrough in preventive health care.