Agrigenic Foods


Breed: Great Dane
Age: 3 yrs.
Problems: OCD - Gas - Weak rear end

Bugsy came to live with us at the age of 6 months, with a terrible case of bilateral OCD. We treated it non-surgically, with bi-weekly shots of Adequan, along with oral Glucosamine and Chondroitin. After 6 months of treatment he finally x-rayed clear of OCD.

Though he was "cured', he has always been a bit weak on the side that he limped on. He has also always had a weak rear end, especially noticeable when climbing stairs or getting in and out of our 4-Runner.

Last but not least, Bugsy's always had a terrible gas problem. In fact, he could clear out a room in seconds flat. Bugsy's gas, once horrific, was much improved after changing to a different brand of food made by Back to Basics. But I wasn't totally happy, and felt we could do more for him.

A friend, Linda Arndt, advised me to try Pet Wafers to help with Bugsy's numerous issues. At her urging, I contacted Biovet and consulted with their VERY helpful staff, who felt that the product could definitely improve Bugsy's gas problems, and Bone-related issues. Since adding Pet Wafers to his diet, the gas passing is virtually non-existent.

A big believer in SBGA's (tm) wonderful properties, I was using Cell Tech's EBiovet' products on him, as well as on my other Dane Belle, and Pointer Molly. The Pet wafers by Cell Tech didn't seem to help the gas or his hind-end issues. I began giving Bugsy Pet Wafers, and now, instead of hopping up stairs with his hind legs together, he is now able to use them more often independently, even when getting into the truck. This is an amazing improvement in 2 months, and I credit most of it directly to the Pet Wafers.

I have now been feeding Pet Wafers Antioxidant antioxidant pet wafers to my whole crew of 3 Dogs and 2 Cats for 2 months, and they LOVE it! By the way, we will be taking Pet Wafers human product too, as soon as it becomes available in June 2000.

- Lyn Richards DogLogic Dog Resource Center - Manchester, NH