Agrigenic Foods

Sir George E. Wok

Breed: Bichon Frise
Age: 12 years
Problems: Cancer - Hip Dysplasia - Kidney damage

Woof! Hello... I'm Sir George E. Wok (Einstein), a ruggedly handsome Bichon Frise. Since my rescue from roaming the streets, I live with my adopted human in Aliso Viejo, California. I have trained her very well and she takes excellent care of me. She worries and wants only the best for me.

I've been through some "ruff" times in my K-9 life; an immunization injected incorrectly, left me paralyzed from the neck down and though the prognosis was poor, my Mommy did therapy with me and stayed with me 24/7 for months and I recovered. However, I didn't feel my usual frisky self and it was very difficult getting back in shape. I had gained quite a bit of weight because I couldn't move for so long.

Later, around Thanksgiving or 1997, I could tell something was worrying Mommy. She found a couple of tumors on me that had to be removed. One was a softball sized tumor in my belly that made it difficult for me to walk. The doctor thought that the limping that hindered my normal gait would go away after they removed the tumors (thank goodness for this K-9 that the tumors were B-9). But not so Grrrrreat! I now had hip dysplasia, which was aggravated by my weight gain. The more it bothered me, the more I didn't want to move. So, as time went on, I gained even more weight.

In 1998, a human friend gave my Mommy some Biovet Pet Wafers Antioxidant antioxidant pet wafers for me. Being the canine connoisseur of only the finest cuisine (very finicky), no one thought that I would eat the Pet Wafers - but I "woof" them down! I started on 2 antioxidant pet wafers per day and in about three weeks; I was strutting through the neighborhood with style and finesse! Now, I only take one a day to maintain my pain free, spunky machismo gait. They taste so good, but I still want more than one. I feel so good; I am exercising more to regain my "puppy-like" figure. I feel just as cute as I look now, and the "Babes" in the neighborhood (who see me more often, now) want me even more!!!

I was stricken with cancer in June 1999. In addition to the malignant diagnosis, my good kidney had to be removed and one of the malignancies could not be removed, as it involved major organs - prognosis was very poor, at best. My Mommy increased my Pet Wafers and changed my diet to foods high in antioxidants. In December 1999, my wonderful doctor labeled me as their "Millennium Miracle Man". And, even though there was no logical medical explanation, I am still cancer free!

It makes my Mommy so happy to see me run and play again... when I'm happy, she's happy. I love my Pet Wafers antioxidant pet wafers and I love how terrific they make me feel. All around, I give them Four Paws Up! If you want to be healthy, you'll beg for tasty Biovet's Pet Wafers antioxidant pet wafers too. Thanks Biovet for evening the score with those felines who have 9 lives - you put life back in me!!

- N. Allen - Aliso Viejo, CA

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