Agrigenic Foods

Golden Retriever

Breed: golden retriever/Lab mix
Problems: Hip Dysplasia

July of 1992

In July of 1992 we found our dog (a golden retriever/Lab mix) named "Teddy Bear" could not hold up his hind quarters. We took him to our veterinarian and found he had "Hip dysplasia". This is a deteriorating arthritis condition that requires surgery or cortisone shots.

The surgery could cost thousands of dollars and may give him a few more years of life. We felt we could not afford the surgery. He continued to deteriorate have ulcerations around his hip joints and stomach area.

We felt it was time to have him put to sleep so he would not suffer any longer. We called the veterinarian to make arrangements to bring "Teddy" in. Knowing this would be difficult for our family, the doctor recommended we try Biovet's Pet Antioxidant Wafers" to see if it would help him to live comfortably. He suggested trying it for a week and if we did not see any improvements, then put him sleep.

Within a week we noticed the ulcers clearing up and Teddy was walking around. The second week he was running once again. After 6 years he is still running and enjoying life. We are very thankful for a product that helped extend the life of our pet.

- Thank you, Ellen Barnett, Lancaster, CA.