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I’m so happy to have discovered ageless beauty 35 years ago. At 65 years of age, I truly believe it has kept me younger looking than most of my peers.

It’s a terrific product and I take it regularly every morning as soon as I get up.

When people have asked me what my secret is over the years my answer remains “Ageless Beauty , genetics and fitness.”

I truly believe it works

- Megan

Wanted to drop you a quick email. Our friend, Michelle, is now the proud owner of a supplement line, Agrigenic. When she started, I was in the midst of my diagnosis of PRP, Pityriais Rubra Pilaris. If you remember I ran into you at the gym when I was first dealing with this super rare autoimmune skin disease.

This was one of the hardest times in my life second only to Bryce’s early arrival. I was being studied by the Mayo Clinic and NIH in Bethesda. They warned me that if I am lucky, remission can occur anywhere from 5-10 years after diagnosis.

I tried a lot of homeopathic remedies and everything I ate or did exercise wise was documented during this observation. Doctors admitted they didn’t know enough about it and 1 in 400,000 are diagnosed. Lucky me.

Michelle recommended I be a guinea pig for her product Cell Guard. As of April 12th, almost exactly 2 yrs after my original diagnosis, I was pronounced in remission - which was short of a miracle. The doctors were in awe of my progress and the study to be released will document every detail of my eating, supplements and workout regime.

Attached are picture at my worst and now my skin is completely clear, I was able to lose 45lbs gained from the chemo and have never felt better.

I continue to take the product and continue to see improvements. Everything happens for a reason no matter how difficult the circumstances. Michelle was there with me as I batted this terrible disease.

I hope you will learn more about this amazing supplement.

- Tracy

From a new user: I started taking cell guard about a month ago. I believe cell guard has had a dramatic impact for me. I typically play 18 holes of golf two to three times a week as well as regular workouts at the gym. The biggest change I have noticed is that I now have as much energy on holes 17 & 18 as the beginning of a round. Previously, I was noticeably tired ( and my play showed it) after 14 or 15 holes.

I feel good and my golf is improving- what more could I ask!

- Linda

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) in my early twenties. M.S. causes damage to the myelin sheath surrounding the nerves causing symptoms such as numbness, tingling and many other symptoms. At forty years old I have grown accustomed to all of these symptoms. I started to take Cellguard to see if it would help me feel any better. After taking Cellguard for just three weeks I was amazed when I realized that I could actually feel my feet! I am so amazed by this product that I would recommend it to anyone!

- Nicole S.

Hi everyone,

Let’s talk about Sod Cat ,Cell Guard, Anti-Stress, Aging Beauty that’s right I tried them all, but this product that I’m trying now is the best, I’ve felt a difference within seven days or less.

It has a nice clean organic smell and taste which’s helps my body with movement and I just feel better and I’m holding my adjustments a lot longer and less pain in my body.

I tried all of them in this product category-since 1995. You will not find a better price for this product on the market anywhere with the they mention on their website results.

A good customer service company to buy their Gluten free products.

I challenge you to order one bottle and try it out yourself .The key is to drink plenty of water so it may work properly. I am 66 and I feel much better.