Agrigenic Foods


IsoSproutPlex is a blend of ingredients that may reduce oxidative stress by signaling your genes to increase production of its own protective antioxidant enzymes. This unique complex was created to help promote endogenous Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and its related Catalase (CAT), Methionine Reductase (MET) and a Selenium organic compound that mimics glutathione peroxidase (GPx). Our proprietary processes retain nature’s own nutrients.

Formula remains the same original formula

Important changes

All ingredients are now NON-GMO – They are healthier and are the way that nature intended.

All ingredients are now top tier and while the majority are USA grown, we sourced the best that can be found globally.

IsoSproutPlex enhancements

The main ingredient in all of our products, the proprietary processes that provided the exceptional results yet has been improved in several ways:

  1. Better ingredients - Use of Non-GMO top tier ingredients will boost efficaciousness. Reintroduction of Wheat Grass (sprouts) as per the original formula in lieu of a wheat product was used for the past few years to reduce costs, use of purple maze in lieu of a corn product and other globally sourced ingredients. GLUTEN FREE as always.
  2. Improved heating process retains far more nutrients than before, making the compound far more potent.
  3. New milling equipment provides uniform size to grains that improve blending capability.
  4. New blending equipment blends exactly at the correct speed and length of time to ensure that all ingredients are equally blended throughout, meaning uniform absorption by the body.
  5. Improved granularization ensures that each grain of IsoSproutPlex contains the exact same amount of ingredients as any other. This provides uniform benefit from each dosage or even partial dosage.
  6. Increased hardness of the tablets releases ingredients into the system more slowly, reducing the body’s elimination of ingredients released into the system too quickly, going thusly unused.
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