Agrigenic Foods


Breed: Siberian Husky
Age: 13 yrs.
Problems: Hip-dysplasia - Skin condition

November 17, 1999

"What's the matter with your dog?" asked the little girl waiting for the school bus. "Is he tired?"

Our Siberian husky, Mewuk, was dragging along, with no zip at all. We figured she was just an old dog, 13 years old in November of 1999.

We had been giving Mewuk Glucosamine-Chondroitin for the hip dysplasia she had had for years, but now she could barely get up the front steps. She couldn't jump in the car any more either, so we were worried about how much longer we could keep her. She also appeared to have some kind of skin problem on her snout, which would not heal, something we feared might be the beginnings of mange.

So we were really happy when we heard about your Pet Wafers, hoping for a miracle to improve our dog's quality of life.

Now we're really excited to report that Mewuk, who has been on the Pet Wafers for a number of weeks now, is showing us new improvements every day. Even the neighbors have noticed!

Mewuk climbs the steps with much less hesitation, not to mention jumping on the bed! In addition, the sore on her snout is almost completely healed, with nice white hair growing back over the skin. But what we really love is how she seems to enjoy life again! Our old dog gets sudden bursts of energy and romps around the living room, something we hadn't seen for months. If we get too busy to remember, she literally demands her walks. And she's marking her territory again, pawing the ground to spread her scent around, and lifting her leg to place her scent on trees. (Huskies are more like wolves than dogs in this respect; female huskies lift their legs like a male to mark their territory; when they feel normal, that is!)

Thank you for giving our 13-year-old dog a new "lease on life"! It's good to see her smiling again!

-Les and Bea Leff - Hermitage, TN