Agrigenic Foods

Miko & Ninja

Breed: Siamese
Age: 12yrs. and 15 yrs.
Problems: Inactive - Stiffness - Shedding

February 14, 2000

I have two elderly Siamese cats, ages twelve and fifteen. They had become very inactive (even more than cats usually are), were stiff upon rising, had poor appetites and shed quite a bit. A friend suggested I try Pet Wafers Antioxidant pet wafers and I figured, why not? I mean we humans take our vitamins and nutritional supplements.

I crushed the Pet Wafers tablet and mixed them with a small amount of tuna as your instruction indicated. My cats won't eats antioxidant pet wafers this size. Soon they were demanding the new "tuna treat". Within three weeks I noticed a change in Miko's and Ninja's behavior. They were awake for longer periods of time and were more active. They have even started to play again. Their appetites have increased and their coats have improved.

Ninja, the fifteen-year-old just started and thyroid medication, and the Pet Wafers seem to be helping him tolerate the medication well. In conclusion, I feel that Pet Wafers are beneficial for cats as well as for dogs and they are an easy and safe way to improve their health.

- B. McChesney - San Jose, CA