Agrigenic Foods

Oliver North

Breed: German Shepard
Age: 8 1/2 year.
Problems: Liver Damage

February, 1997


Our 8 1/2 year old German Shepard developed dysphasia in October, 1996. We put him on medication and when that didn't work to help his condition, we gave him veterinarian administered steroids to build up his leg muscles. Unfortunately, the steroids damaged his liver and he became very ill in February, 1997.

We met the BIOVET rep at the 'Pet Expo in Pomona' in April or 1997. At that time we began giving 2 of the wafers to our dog daily. Those along with a multi-vitamin, a low protein diet, exercise, and lots of love seem to be helping him.

He is now walking a lot better. On May 25, 1997 he was given a liver test which showed his liver to be almost normal.

Our vet read the ingredients of the BIOVET Pet Antioxidant Wafers and seemed to be very pleased with them. It was the first time she had encountered your product and feels that it, along with the other things we've been doing for him, have vastly improved his health.

- Esterly Colton, Sherman Oaks, CA