Agrigenic Foods


Breed: Sheltie
Age: 6 yrs.
Problems: Arthritis - Shedding - Problems climbing

Our registered Sheltie was born in September 93. Prissy was adopted and presented to my wife on her birthday. It was about a year ago when we first noticed that she started taking 1 step at a time when going up the stairs and was reluctant to jump-up on a chair of any height. We knew she must be in pain to react like that. Fortunately we have a neighbor who actually gave us a bottle of Pet Wafers to try for a month to see if it could help her.

After 2 weeks we saw improvement in her movement and within a month she was 'bounding' up the stairs and 'jumping' up on things like she use to do when she was 2 or 3.

Prissy has a big problem shedding on a daily basis. Since she started taking Pet Wafers we've see a remarkable difference in the way she sheds. Each day is less and less, making her the ideal pet we always wanted.

In conclusion, I would 'not' have believed anyone if they said that a natural product straight off the shelf could make this much of a difference with Prissy. But after seeing it work for ourselves, we would recommend Pet Wafers for anyone's pet.

- H. Wilke - Huntington Beach, CA