Agrigenic Foods

Round Eyes The Cat

Breed: golden retriever/Lab mix
Problems: Arthritis

As you know I tracked down your organization because of the incredible improvement of my cat, Round Eyes. I am happy to tell you what occurred. In September of this year, I found him curled up on the grass and not responding to my calls. At first I thought he was dying, but when I put his food next to him, he ate. I decided to get a diagnosis so we went to the vet.

The vet x-rayed him and examined him thoroughly. Never mind the cost of this! He told me that Round Eyes had arthritis, osteoporosis and some calcification along his spine. He said movement would be difficult, painful and limited. This is something I could observe. Round Eyes had been slowing down for some time. Before he stopped, except for some pretty wobbly walking, he had ceased running and jumping. At fifteen years old, living his life in my back yard, I figured that he was not going to be around much longer.

Now it looks like I was wrong. The vet prescribed your product, DISMUTASE™ one tablet a day plus two baby aspirin a week. Round Eyes is a different cat. Not only can he run and jump again, something he hadn't done for some time, but his coat is much thicker, he barely sheds, and he has gained a significant amount of weight. He looked like the feline equivalent of a little old man. Now he actually looks better than he did in his prime. I am astonished.

When I spoke with you, I found you make a similar products for people. Having observed the resurrection of the cat, I plan to take it on general principle. In addition, I will not hesitate to suggest it to people actually suffering from degenerative joint disease.

- Laura T. Arasmo, R.N., St. Petersburg, FL