Agrigenic Foods

Schatzy & Pala

Breed: Boxers
Age: 4 and 9 yrs.
Problems: Arthritis - Hip dysplasia - Lameness

My four year old male boxer "Schatzy" has severe spinal arthritis and severe hip dysplasia. He has difficulty getting up and at one point he'd stopped eating due to his pain. My nine year old female "Pala" is getting old also and has some stiffness due to old injuries. Now and then those injuries flare up, leaving her in so much pain, she is only able to hobble on three legs.

As a veterinary technician, I don't care to use the common steroid or anti-inflammatory drugs because of their side-effects. I truly hoped I would find something natural which was strong enough to help reduce their pain. When I heard about your natural Pet Wafers through the internet and I decided to give them a try.

What a change Pet Wafers has made for my dogs! The male now runs around, jumps and goes on long walks with me while I ride my horse. I can hardly notice any stiffness in his gait. He's become a happy dog once again. My female does experience occasional episodes of lameness, however, I simply doubled her usage as suggested on the label and she seems to recover quickly. Most of the time the front lameness which she's always experienced has completely disappeared.

- K. H. - Switzerland