Agrigenic Foods


Breed: Dalmatian
Age: 3 year.
Problems: Urinary Stones

October, 1993

This letter is to inform you of the success I have experienced with your Pet Antioxidant Wafers.

In October of 1993, my 3 year old male Dalmatian "Shotgun" had to have emergency surgery for a blockage due to urinary stones. At that time, the vet prescribed two medications and a special food that Shotgun would be required to take for the remainder of his years. The medication was in tablet form and not tempting to my dog I would have to wrap them in some sort of treat and bribe him to take them.

I had his urine tested every two months for one year after his surgery. There continued to be a trace of crystals present in his urine, even while taking the medications and special food.

At that time, I discontinued the medications and began giving him 6 DISMUTASE; each day, as a "special" treat. He loved the taste and would perform all sorts of tricks for them each day. After 8 months of 6 tablets each day, as well as his special dog food, I had his urine tested again. The test was completely clear, with no trace of crystals. We plan to continue treating him to the your pet antioxidants for the rest of his years.

- Kristina A. Clifford, Spokane, WA.