Agrigenic Foods


Breed: Labrador Retriever
Age: 12 year.
Problems: Arthritis


It has been about a month, now, since we bought some BIOVET Pet Antioxidant Wafers at "America's Family Pet Show", and started our oldest dog, Summer, on daily doses.

Summer is a 12 year old Yellow Labrador Retriever who's life has been one of proud service to Guide Dogs of America, as a brood bitch generating 5 very successful litters prior to retiring about 5 years ago.

After her retirement, Summer became our pet (and the love of my life) with all of the privileges afforded to the Alpha Dog in a family with as many as 5 dogs living with us at a time (plus 2 cats and 4 desert tortoises). However, as Summer aged, she like many other large dogs her age developed serious arthritis, especially at her elbows and shoulders. She often had difficulty raising herself from the floor and frequently walked with a very visible, heart wrenching, limp.

Being the eldest of the 5 dogs living in our home, she wanted to be active, but it hurt too much. We started her on Biovet and within a week, Summer was able to raise herself from the floor with less difficulty. It's now been a month, we have finished our first bottle of tablets, and Summer now gets up and runs with the rest of the dogs, she seldom limps, and has her beautiful puppy" sparkle back in her eyes.

I don't know how much longer Summer will be with us, but I am thrilled that her remaining days will be so very much more comfortable, because of Biovet Pet Antioxidant Wafers.

- Fred M. Estrin / Indio, CA