Agrigenic Foods

Sweetie & Chelsea

Breed: Labrador Retriever and German Shepard
Problems: Hip Problems - Slow Rising - Whimpers in pain

January 19, 2000

5 years ago we found Sweetie (Lab) wandering around homeless. Like many others of the lab family, she has hip problems. Often, she was slow to rise and even whimpered while attempting to lie down. Her running has been very limited due to her hip problems however; she loves to go for walks.

I started Sweetie on Pet Wafers about a month and a half ago. We call them "Yummies" and she just loves them and gobbles them right up. We have noticed that she has been able to move about with more freedom and we seldom hear her whimper when she lies down anymore. She has become very energetic! In fact, she's even started racing with my German Shepard, "Chelsea" to fetch the ball. We originally got the Pet Wafers for Sweetie's problems but after witnessing the results, we have decided to start Chelsea on Pet Wafers too, so we can ensure her continued good health!

- L. Fisser - Huntington Beach, CA