Agrigenic Foods


Breed: Mixed
Age: 10 yrs.
Problems: Lethargic - Shedding - Hair balls

Tiffy is 10 years old and lately had become very lazy and lethargic. She was acting as if she was ill, but the vet couldn't find anything wrong. He felt it was it was her food. I tried many different brands and of course, you know cats, she wouldn't touch them after one try. Besides her lazy condition, at night she always like to lay on our very expensive royal blue carpet and shed cat hair everywhere. Of course, every morning I would have to take a half hour or so to clean up the Tiffy's shedding and the coughed-up furr balls.

So I was just about to go nuts when a friend who had used your Pet Wafers for their cat suggested I give them a try. We followed your instructions and started giving her one Pet Wafers tablet broken up and mixed with a little tuna everyday.

After 3 weeks Tiffy's like new cat. She has renewed energy and seems happy and playful again. What amazed me was that her shedding has stopped and she rarely gets hair balls anymore. Your product has given me back that half-hour a day I dreaded so much. I want you to know that, besides the improvement in Tiffy, I consider my life to have been improved too. You need to tell more cat owners about this product.

- M. Coats - San Pedro, CA