Agrigenic Foods

Tuff N Nuff

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
Problems: Bone Cancer

JULY 30, 1997

My name is Tuff E. Nuff. I'm a Rhodesian Ridgeback and I'll soon be nine years old. My hobbies are hunting playing ball and running,- fast. I live in Ardmore, Oklahoma with my people Betty and Bren Gila. They really take good care of me and I watch out for them! We all love each other very much.

Then one day about two and a half months ago my leg started hurting really bad! I had to hold it up when I walked, believe me that's not easy! My people took me to the vet. After a check-up and x-rays , I was diagnosed with probable 'bone cancer' in the upper portion of my right front leg. I say probable because my people decided against a biopsy since it meant drilling a hole in the bone.

After studying my x-rays, Doc Said that "he, and three of his colleagues, all agreed that I had bone cancer." Doc then said, that amputation (ouch) might be an option. Now my Doc is really a great guy, with my best interest at heart, but this just didn't sound like something I was going to enjoy! The other option-- give me lots of love, aspirin for inflammation, pain pills when necessary and keep me as comfortable as possible -- -until! I wasn't sure what "until" meant but I could see the whole thing was making my lady cry and my man look awfully sad.

The next day I heard my lady say that she was getting me some antioxidants. She bought 'Biovet Antioxidant Petwafers' from your company and started me on three a day, along with only pure water from our reverse osmosis system. I was also getting aspirin for inflammation.

By this time I was really feeling bad. I knew I was really sick! All I could do was lay on my rug. Sleeping-a-lot, not eating much. Some days I could barely raise my head up. I did try to keep up the spirits of my people by thumping my 'tail' on the floor once in awhile. I could tell they were really sad and discouraged and I knew they were praying for me.

Then my lady said "Tuff, we're not giving up! We're going to fight back". So, they started giving me six (6) antioxidants wafers a day. Two each morning, noon and night.

Well folks, would you believe it! I slowly started feeling better! Started eating again and drinking more water. Even got the old sparkle back in my eyes. My people were so excited!

Today, 30 days later, I went back to my vet and he took more x-rays. Guess what guys!! Doc said he saw nothing but good news! Clean as a whistle! Didn't even look like the same old bone! Doc said in all of his years of being a vet he had never seen a case of bone cancer disappear! Disappear! He was amazed and thrilled. My lady asked him if he still believed it was cancer we had been dealing with. His answer was, "I do not have a biopsy to back me up but I do believe in my heart of hearts that it was cancer. I truly do"!

I was one sick pup but now I'm feeling great! Back to playing ball and running. Can't go hunting until fall but I'm sure I'll be ready. I hear my people saying something about me being "spoiled" now, but they have a big smile on their faces when they say it, so I guess its not too serious.

So thanks a lot for a great product my friends. I really believe it saved my life!

- Tuff E. Nuff, Ardmore, OK