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Cell Guard for Pets


200 Tablets

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BioVet International’s Pet Antioxidant Supplements with Isosproutplex are the perfect natural food supplements for all pets.

While levels of antioxidant enzymes normally remain constant throughout a pet’s life, as cells age an abundance of free radicals cause oxidative damage.  Oxidative stress can damage cells, proteins, and DNA, which can contribute to aging. Of most concern are increased incidences of degenerative and inflammatory diseases particularily in larger dogs. These supplemental enzymes are needed where muscle and skeletal inflammation, injury, sickness or environmental toxins create reduced antioxidant enzyme levels.

Our proprietary Isosproutplex blend of soy and wheat grass sprouts offers the complete nutrition that provides all of the necessary factors required by an animal to produce antioxidant enzymes in the optimal amounts.

We have seen amazing results with pets living longer and healthier lives.  We recommend feeding these supplements for every pet over the age of 2 years.

BioVet, Cell Guard for Pets, AgriGenic, Cell Guard, Pet Wafer, Inflammation, Dog, Pet
BioVet, Cell Guard for Pets, AgriGenic, Cell Guard, Pet Wafer, Inflammation, Dog, Pet
BioVet, Cell Guard for Pets, AgriGenic, Cell Guard, Pet Wafer, Inflammation, Dog, Pet
Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Cell Guard for Pets

  1. – S. Haas – Cerritos, CA

    Both of my dogs, Ada and Chloe, have been on your product Cell Guard for Pets for about three months. I am happy to report that their skin disorders began to disappear after only two weeks on the product.

    Before the use of Cell Guard, they would constantly lick and pull their hair out and create open sores in different spots on their bodies. Our vet said they were having allergic reactions to the environment (e.g. toxins, grass, weeds, blooming plants, etc.) Now, after using Cell Guard for Pets, we are impressed with its ability to cleanse these types of toxins from their bodies.

    Originally, the vet had them on twice a day medication for their itching. I have taken both of them off the medication and just give them one Cell Guard a day. I just shake the bottle and both dogs come running for their daily treat.

    Thank you for introducing me to this great product. At the very least it has made my dogs more comfortable and they have a better quality of life.

  2. Les and Bea Leff – Hermitage, TN

    Our Siberian husky, Mewuk, was dragging along, with no zip at all. We figured she was just an old dog, 13 years old.

    We had been giving Mewuk Glucosamine-Chondroitin for the hip dysplasia she had had for years, but now she could barely get up the front steps. She couldn’t jump in the car anymore either, so we were worried about how much longer we could keep her. She also appeared to have some kind of skin problem on her snout, which would not heal. So we were really happy when we heard about your Cell Guard for Pets, hoping for a miracle to improve our dog’s quality of life.

    Now we’re really excited to report that Mewuk, who has been on Cell Guard for a number of weeks now, is showing us new improvements every day. Mewuk climbs the steps with much less hesitation, not to mention jumping on the bed! In addition, the sore on her snout is almost completely healed, with nice white hair growing back over the skin. But what we really love is how she seems to enjoy life again!

  3. – H. Wilke – Huntington Beach, CA

    It was about a year ago when we first noticed Prissy, our registered Sheltie, started taking 1 step at a time when going up the stairs and was reluctant to jump up on a chair of any height. We knew she must be in pain to react like that. Fortunately we have a neighbor who actually gave us a bottle of Cell Guard for Pets to try.

    After 2 weeks we saw improvement in her movement and within a month she was ‘bounding’ up the stairs and ‘jumping’ up on things like she use to do when she was 2 or 3.

    Prissy has a big problem shedding on a daily basis. Since she started taking Cell Guard, we’ve seen a remarkable difference. Each day is less and less shedding! I would ‘not’ have believed anyone if they said that a natural product straight off the shelf could make this much of a difference with Prissy. But after seeing it work for ourselves, we would recommend Cell Guard for Pets for anyone’s pet.

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