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Close Out -Stay Young Looking from the Inside - Get a 4 Pack for $39.95 with Best if Used by Date of Oct. 2021

When most people think about caring for their skin, they generally think of things to do on the outside. They buy cleansers, lotions, oils and emollients to put on their skin. What most people don’t realize is that much of the skin damage that concerns them really occurs from the Inside Out.

AGELESS BEAUTY™ offers a nutritional approach to beautiful skin by providing the body with ‘Live’ whole food support. This increased raw food supply produces antioxidant enzymes in the body which cleanses toxins and free radicals and helps the skin return to its natural beautiful state.


Biochemists have isolated a type of molecule in our bodies which is related to the skin damage associated with both aging and disease. These agents of destruction are called ‘Free Radicals’, unstable molecules which steal electrons from healthy cells and set off chain reactions of cell damage.


Free radicals cause widespread damage throughout the body. Their effects on the skin are particularly visible. All the cells of the skin are sealed in protective membranes containing lipids (fats) that protect the inner cell and allow for proper formation of elastin and collagen, the tissues that give skin its softness, flexibility and resiliency. Free radicals damage this protective cell membrane and destroy the skin’s elastin and collagen resulting in sagging, wrinkling and age spots. Overproduction of free radicals occurs when the body is subjected to stress from sources such as environmental pollutants, processed food, radiation, trauma, disease and the pressures of life in the modern world. These factors soon translate to damage skin and premature aging.


Nature equips the healthy young body to defend itself against free radicals. The problem is that our body’s natural supply of antioxidant enzymes declines as we age. These vital protectors of healthy skin cannot keep pace with the free radicals that result from the stresses of living in a 21st century environment. The solution can be found in a very beneficial development by Biotec Foods known as IsoSproutPlex™, a highly concentrated blend of ‘Live’ whole food sprouts which are enzyme rich and have been shown to enhance the body’s own production of beneficial antioxidant enzymes.


  1. Suggested Dosage: We recommend starting with 6 to 8 tablets per day upon rising. Take with water on an empty stomach at least ½ hour before breakfast. After a favorable response is achieved, you can maintain the same results with 2 to 4 tablets per day. Water is important; drink at least 8 glasses per day.
  2. Each individual is unique. Some people are more toxic and have longer standing health concerns than others. The number of tablets that you use depends on your own unique individual needs. Your servings will change as your body condition changes.
  3. In some cases its advisable to double or triple the initial dosage for faster results.
  4. Since our product is a whole food and works nutritionally, we recommend a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low in fats and sugar. Other factors that can affect your body’s condition are daily mental and emotional poise, fresh water and air, adequate sleep and regular exercise.
  5. Reminder: These tablets are whole foods made from enzyme rich sprouts. Our products work nutritionally and are not stimulants. Any results are nutritional and in no way mean to imply that you should not see a doctor.

 200 Tablets

Tablet Wt. 750 mg.
Net Wt. 150 gm.

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